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Business-to-business (B2B) order: A large order that may require special picking, packing, and delivery processes.

Pallet dimensions: Length, width, height, and weight of a pallet. Often, this includes number of shippers on the pallet.


B2B orders often require special picking, packing, and delivery processes. This can include picking large volume via cases or pallets, packing via a pallet map or carton map (we recommend uploading this to the order! Read more about order file attachments), palletizing, and finally, coordinating with freight to deliver to the business. Since freight quotes require pallet dimensions, we’ve made it easy for the warehouse team to post the pallet dimensions on the order page.


1. Log into app.ordergrid.com.

2. Navigate to an order in processing by clicking 'Sales' on the left menu, then clicking 'Orders'. Note, this feature is only available for orders in packed or shipped status.

3. Click the Shipments tabs. If the warehouse team has inputted pallet dimensions, you will see three columns displayed:

  • “# of cases” – the number of cases on the pallet

  • “Pallet dimensions” – the length, width, height of the pallet in inches

  • “Pallet weight” – a programmatically calculated weight of your inputted item(s) weight and pallet weight

Congratulations! You have successfully viewed pallet dimensions for your B2B order in OrderGrid.

If you need any additional help regarding this topic, please reach out to us at info@ordergrid.com.

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